This ain't your mama's cabaret! Nope, this raucous, rowdy, interactive show is different every time! Aunt Dottie and her Nephew Aaron have been bringing their unique brand of entertainment to audiences since 2008 and are pleased as punch to be King County 4Culture Touring Artists. Book them for YOUR convention, party, or special event! Aunt Dottie is always the "hostess with the mostess" and, along with Nephew Aaron on the keys, can keep any event lively and unique!

Check out their calendar to find dates/locations of their stage show so you can join the fun as they put their own spin on pop, rock, standards and just about any other genre of music your heart desires!!



In my life, I've found that "bad" things often lead to good things.

Really what is BAD? For some people; their world will crumble if they suffer even the tiniest setback. If I go backwards in time and trace the steps that led me to a good thing; oftentimes I find that something that initially seemed NEGATIVE landed me in a place more wonderful than I imagined. The most recent example is my current husband, Leonard, being SEASICK! If I hadn’t quit the cruise ship life to be with my husband, why, Nephew Aaron and I wouldn’t have started our show!! When I was a little girl; I was VERY torn up that I wasn’t ever going to be a circus performer like my Mama, but, it led to MANY fabulous years on cruise ships! Try it. Write down the things for which you are grateful and then make a list of all the things that got you to the wonderful place and you’ll probably find it all started with something painful or difficult! I love you all! ~Aunt Dottie

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