This ain't your mama's cabaret! Nope, this raucous, rowdy, interactive show is different every time! Aunt Dottie and her Nephew Aaron have been bringing their unique brand of entertainment to audiences since 2008 and are pleased as punch to be King County 4Culture Touring Artists. Book them for YOUR convention, party, or special event! Aunt Dottie is always the "hostess with the mostess" and, along with Nephew Aaron on the keys, can keep any event lively and unique!

Check out their calendar to find dates/locations of their stage show so you can join the fun as they put their own spin on pop, rock, standards and just about any other genre of music your heart desires!!



As the season slowly moves from the dog days of Summer to the crisp days of Fall I am reminded that our lives have seasons, just like the earth. Only our seasons can feel a little more random and arbitrary and they don't always follow the seasons of our world, right? But, we can take a lesson from each season and apply it to our lives. In Fall, the old sloughs away, leaves drop and we harvest all that we've sown. In the Fall season we can't relax too much because there are so many things to be done, preparations to be made for the coming Winter so we can enjoy it. Fall can excite because we get to reap our harvest! But, it can also frustrate because it is often hard work to reap, and sometimes we don't like what we've planted!! In Winter, we turn inward to family and close friends. It may seem that nothing is happening but we are really nurturing the relationships that will sustain us in our lives. We give thanks, we celebrate and we work to keep safe and warm. Winter can excite because we get to spend time with those we love. Winter can also frustrate because it seems like no real work is being done. As Winter eases to Spring we feel anticipation. Spring is a hopeful time of planting. The hard work is upon us but it is joyful because we anticipate the fruit it will bear. The longer days help us as we work. We are building and growing and stretching. Spring can excite because it is a time of creation and creativity. What shall we plant? What projects will we take on?? Spring can also frustrate because sometimes we feel like we cannot figure out WHAT to plant or in which direction to focus our energy. In the Summer season, we must take care of all we've planted. If we don't maintain and support and tend to those things we've started, they can whither and die from lack of attention or water. Summer is the time to balance work with play and enjoy the anticipation of Fall's harvest. Summer can excite because it is fun to watch the things you've planted take root and grow. Summer can frustrate because we just want to play and laze in the sun but there's still work to be done. What season of life are YOU in right now? Are you finding it frustrating or exciting??

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