This ain't your mama's cabaret! Nope, this raucous, rowdy, interactive show is different every time! Aunt Dottie and her Nephew Aaron have been bringing their unique brand of entertainment to audiences since 2008 and are pleased as punch to be King County 4Culture Touring Artists. Book them for YOUR convention, party, or special event! Aunt Dottie is always the "hostess with the mostess" and, along with Nephew Aaron on the keys, can keep any event lively and unique!

Check out their calendar to find dates/locations of their stage show so you can join the fun as they put their own spin on pop, rock, standards and just about any other genre of music your heart desires!!



What makes you happy? Truly happy? I’m not talking about the fleeting happiness that a new pair of shoes or new “toy” brings. I’m talking about genuine, lasting happy? What brings that to you? Years ago, I had a cruise director who I initially thought was a mean, selfish person. It felt like his entire goal in life was to make everyone AROUND him miserable. Then, I realized he was exceedingly UNhappy. No joy in his life. He tried to fill it with partying and possessions but the more he partied and the more possessions he acquired the more SELFISH he got. Finally, a wiser person than I stopped him in the middle of a tirade and said, “You must be so unhappy to be treating all of us this way!” Stopped him in his tracks. He quit soon after and I never saw him again. I truly hope he found some genuine happiness.

My wish for all of YOU is that you find YOUR happy and that your happiness flows to others. What makes me happy? Here’s just a short list: my sweet Husband; my amazing Nephews and Nieces; singing along with a smiling audience; the sun in the morning and the moon at night.

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