This ain't your mama's cabaret! Nope, this raucous, rowdy, interactive show is different every time! Aunt Dottie and her Nephew Aaron have been bringing their unique brand of entertainment to audiences since 2008 and are pleased as punch to be King County 4Culture Touring Artists. Book them for YOUR convention, party, or special event! Aunt Dottie is always the "hostess with the mostess" and, along with Nephew Aaron on the keys, can keep any event lively and unique!

Check out their calendar to find dates/locations of their stage show so you can join the fun as they put their own spin on pop, rock, standards and just about any other genre of music your heart desires!!



Did you wake up in a good mood today? Or a bad mood? Do you believe the world is out to "get" you? Or that the world is an amazing and miraculous place? One of my ex-husbands was the exact opposite of me. (That happens a lot, we marry our opposite, doesn't it! Whew.) At any rate, he always thought the world was out to "get" him. He walked around believing for bad things, so naturally, it seemed bad things ALWAYS happened to him! Store clerks were rude to him, he always got the defective phone or tv or gadget. It always rained on his parade. I'm not always happy. But, I'm most often in a good mood and I most often choose to believe for the good things in life. Yes, sometimes it results in disappointment when the thing I was hoping for didn't happen; but I try not to let it get me down. I always do my best to shake it off and move on to the next thing. Sometimes, too, the thing I wanted wasn't the best thing and something even BETTER comes along. So, today I'm believing for good and amazing things to happen. I'm believing it for YOU, too. I love you, my friends! ~Aunt Dottie

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